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Spoken English Improvement – 5 to 12 years

It is mainly because children who learn how to speak proper English at a young age will gain numerous advantages as they grow older. It is seen compared to those not given a solid foundation in their knowledge of English. The best approach, when considering teaching a child English is constant practice and endless creativity.

Nestling Palms offer spoken and written english and our programs are aimed at providing quality spoken English coaching. Our Skilled faculties provide best spoken English classes. We offer a wide range of language learning programmes in Spoken English. We teach not only spoken english but also teach grammar. We use the most practical tools and materials for teaching English.

Our flagship Spoken English program built around fluency skills through tongue training of  Contemporary usage of Modals & Prepositions. And soft skills training program to built a vibrant personality. At the end of the course student can expect a much clearer diction, and a better understanding of the language. Since every student is asked in class, the student gains confidence and learns to speak without hesitation.

  1. Learn Grammar unconventionally
  2. Build basic vocabulary
  3. Learn contemporary phrases
  4. Speak with out hesitation
  5. Train your tongue
  6. Learn fluency techniques
  7. Three level training programs:
  • Level 1: Learning basics
  • Level 2: Intermediate skills with Soft skills
  • Level 3: Advanced skills with techniques